(Haris Mustajbasic & co)

Creative food lovers collaborating with food brands and helping them to get distinction through strategy and social media allowing to produce tailored solutions for any kind of client around the world.

— Want to know more about us? Grab that 🍿 and keep reading.

What do we do?

We create unique content that expresses your businesses voice, helps businesses engage with their audiences to foster brand loyalty and manage digital media to create a hub of content for your customers and fans to see and engage with is a piece of 🍰.

Literal piece of cake. We will actually buy it for you and you will love it.

  • Content Creation
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Digital Media Management
  • Brand Strategy Assistance

Where do we do it?

On @pojejme, our first project, connecting food eficionados in Slovenia in a hub, engaging them to share their own content and experience new food. 

  • @pojejme
  • Created in 2016
  • Over 14k followers
  • Approximately 3.5% engagement
  • First of this kind in Slovenia

Who did we collaborate with?

Ana Ros, Avant2Go, Barbarella, Bazilika, Boul, Brlogarka, Cuckoo Cups, Dodo Pizza, eHrana, EK Bistro, Ginginious, InGarden Light, Kontrabant Adwineture, Kucha Madre, Kotanyi, La Creperie Cherie, La Popsi, Leone, Le Potica, LjubljanaNjam, Malinca Nastja, MINI Slovenija, Mul’c, Odprta kuhna, Pokica, Puffy Pancakes, Sisters Kurtos, Slastna karamela, Tereza’s Choice, Tus Slovenija, Veganika, Vigó, Wolt Slovenia.

  • We ❤ all of them.

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